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KiKi Medical

Case Study


Kiki’s Medical Supplies is at the forefront of the industry, excelling in the production of medical apparel and supplying a diverse range of medical equipment. Their offerings span medical scrubs, consumables, disposables, footwear, and various essential medical tools.


We were tasked to create comprehensive brand identity designs and website designs. This encompasses designing a distinctive logo that showcases the essence of the brand, along with developing complementary merchandise designs that align with the company’s image and values. Additionally, crafting an engaging and user-friendly website design to establish a strong and memorable presence in the medical supplies industry.

We’ve transformed Kiki’s Medical Supplies into more than just a brand, it’s now a vibrant, visual narrative of excellence in healthcare. The carefully crafted logo, merchandise designs, and website have collectively become a powerful representation of innovation and reliability. In this visual journey, every detail tells a compelling story of dedication, leaving an indelible mark in the industry and making Kiki’s a symbol of quality and commitment.

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