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Collateral Design

Mandera County Government

Case Study


The Mandera County Government operates under the oversight of the Mandera County Assembly, as established by Article 176 of the Constitution. The County Assembly comprises members elected by registered voters. Mandera, a gem in Kenya’s North Eastern region, is a captivating county with its capital and heart in Mandera town. This case study delves into the significant achievements of Smith Aegis in its partnership with the Mandera County Government; the collaboration focused on creating collateral designs that resonated with the community but also actively engage and guided residents and stakeholders.


To encapsulate the communication of Mandera County Government, our team meticulously crafted collateral designs that conveyed their messaging accurately and effectively. Every design element was expertly crafted to alert, guide, and inform the audience about the county government’s offerings. We integrated key communication and design elements into our creative materials for print media, ensuring the visuals were eye-catching and sparked curiosity. Each collateral design combined striking graphics with compelling content, delivering clear and engaging messages from the county government. These designs were both informative and captivating, encouraging residents and stakeholders to explore the county’s offerings further.


In partnership with the Mandera County government, Smith Aegis undertook the project of enhancing the county’s offerings. Here is a summary of our accomplishments:

Expanded outreach and interaction: The communication collaterals developed by our agency has played a vital role in disseminating important information to the residents of Mandera County

Bridging communication gaps: These materials functioned as a bridge, effectively addressing knowledge deficiencies and potential misunderstandings.

Enhanced accessibility and engagement: Our user-friendly approach facilitated a deeper understanding and easier accessibility to communication from the county government.

Improved public perception: By leveraging visually compelling and informative content alongside strategic communication strategies, the collaterals demonstrably improved the public’s perception of Mandera County Government. 

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